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In April 2017, Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced that A+J Art+Design was selected to create a public artwork for North Square in Boston’s North End neighborhood following an open call for proposals. North Square is one of the oldest continuously occupied neighborhoods in Boston and the Square and surrounding area hold some of the most significant historic and cultural sites in the country, including Paul Revere House, Mariners House, Sacred Heart Church, numerous other historic buildings and The Freedom Trail.

The public art project is part of a unique collaboration between the Boston Art Commission (BAC) with the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture and the Boston Public Works Department (PWD). The artwork is part of a $2.5 million revitalization project for North Square entailing improvements to pedestrian safety and accessibility, an enhanced public space, and the revitalization of the Square’s cultural value. A+J join the project team of the PWD, the BAC and BETA Group, Inc. The project broke ground on October 11, 2017 and is estimated to be completed in late 2018.



Find out more about the proposed artwork for North Square.

1798 North Square View

A view from North Square in the year 1798…


Story Vault Map

North End Map

A map of the North End highlights neighborhood attractions, linked to an online vault containing local stories…


Interactive Marine Instrument

Interactive Marine Instrument

A complex viewing and navigation instrument, with an assemblage of scopes facing in many different directions…


Feast Sculpture

The theme of the fourth sculpture in the series is Italian feasts and processions and the North End as the immigrant gateway to the City of Boston since the 17th century…



Your North End story is welcome!

Years ago my mother showed me this photo which was used as a display item in a photographer’s shop on Hanover Street in the North End in 1934. At that time she was living at 3 Prince Street in the North End of Boston.

My mother immigrated at the age of 7 to the North End in 1925 and joined her parents and sister at 284 Hanover Street. Her birth place was Licodia Eubea, Sicily. She left behind grandparents, uncles, and aunts who decided not to immigrate to America. However, her father Sebastiano, his brother Pasquale, and his sister Alfonsina were the first to leave Sicily in the early 1900’s to find work and opportunity in America. They first came to Boston’s North End. All three siblings married and had children and today 4 generations later their families live and prosper in America.

Thomas DamigellaLong-time North End resident
My great Uncle Emanuel LoPresti  immigrated to the North End, Boston, in 1910. He brought later his wife and 2 children Laura and Alfred, an his wife Alfonsina (Amalia) from Licodia Eubea, Sicily. His other child Inez remained in Sicily with her grandparents and later joined her family in America.

My great uncle established and became the first editor of the all Italian daily newspaper La Notizia (The News) in the North End.

The newspaper’s office  was located at 30-34 Battery Street in the North End. This paper was one of 2 all Italian daily papers that were printed in the North End that was instrumental in serving the continual growing Italian immigration population of the North End.

Thomas DamigellaLong-time North End resident


A+J Art+Design

Artist Team

A+J Art+Design is a multidisciplinary collaboration between artists Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier who believe that public art can provoke and entice while inspiring civic engagement.


Boston Art Commission

City of Boston Arts Board

The Boston Art Commission (BAC) is an independent board vested with the sole authority for the accessioning, commissioning, safety, and maintenance of the art collection owned by the City of Boston.


Boston Public Works with BETA Group, Inc.

Project Lead and Design Consultants

The Boston Public Works Department (BPWD) will be making site improvements to North Square in collaboration with Design Consultants BETA Group, Inc.


Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services

Community Advisory Panel

Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services admisnisters the North Square Public Art Project Advisory Panel. Membership enrollment is now closed, but you can follow the Panel’s activity through our blog:

Advisory Panel Blog Posts →



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We thank the Selection Committee for the North Square Public Art Project for choosing A+J Art+Design as the project’s artists, and we thank Mayor Marty Walsh for his support.

We would also like to thank Karin Goodfellow, Julie Burros, Christian Guerra, Joe Fleury, Maria Lanza, Drew Epstein, Sammy Nabulsi, Kara Elliott-Ortega, Randy Collins, Sarah Rodrigo and the rest of the project team for their partnership and support.

We are also very grateful to the many community members who have extended a hand to help us in this effort, to participate in the project and to welcome us to the community. In particular, we thank Jim Pasto, Nina Zannieri, Ben Edwards, Richard and Ben Molinari, Victor Brogna, Thomas Damigella, Matt Conti, Phil Orlandella, Suzanne Taylor, Karen McLaughlin, Traci Griffith Walker, John Pregmon and the North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council, Mary McGee and the North End Waterfront Residents Association, the Project’s Advisory Panel, and future involved community members for your participation. We look forward to continuing the conversations and to working together.