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North Square Public Art Project Statement | A+J Art+Design

In April 2017, Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced that A+J Art+Design was selected to create a public artwork for North Square in Boston’s North End neighborhood following an open call for artists’ proposals. North Square is one of the oldest, continuously occupied neighborhoods in Boston and the Square and surrounding area hold some of the most significant historic and cultural sites in the country, including the Paul Revere House, Mariners House, Sacred Heart Church, numerous other historic buildings and The Freedom Trail.

The public art project is part of Boston’s new Percent for Art program and is implemented in conjunction with an overall $2.5 million reconstruction process entailing improvements to pedestrian safety and accessibility, an enhanced public space, and the revitalization of the Square’s cultural value. A+J join the project team of the Boston Public Works Department (PWD), BETA Group Inc., and the Boston Art Commission of the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture. The project broke ground on October 11, 2017 and is estimated to be completed in late 2018.

In collaboration with the North End community, A+J Art+Design is developing a series of four sculptures in bronze to create an intimate and uniquely North End sculptural gallery. The theme of the artwork is ‘North End Stories: Four Intertwined Threads’ and its goal is to effectively meld the Square’s multi-layered history with its contemporary use, in order to create a welcoming space that is both convenient to use and informative to visit.

Our approach will culminate in four sculptures that reflect North Square as a small square with a big view of Boston and a big place in history, and the site of many intertwined stories about the endless variety of people who have called the Square their home. The sculptures will be placed in relation to key architectural features around the Square. Each sculpture will echo the character of the Square as a small space looking outwards to a big view.


A+J Art+Design

Artist Team

A+J Art+Design is a multidisciplinary collaboration between artists Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier who believe that public art can provoke and entice while inspiring civic engagement.


Boston Art Commission

City of Boston Arts Board

The Boston Art Commission (BAC) is an independent board vested with the sole authority for the accessioning, commissioning, safety, and maintenance of the art collection owned by the City of Boston.


Boston Public Works Department with BETA, Inc.

Project Lead and Design Consultants

The Boston Public Works Department (BPWD) will be making site improvements to North Square in collaboration with Design Consultants BETA Group, Inc.


Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services

Community Advisory Panel

Plans are underway for opening discussions about progress and soliciting feedback and other forms of involvement in the project. If you live in the North End and would like to join the Advisory panel, please follow the link to sign up.