Pre-Industrial Boston and Today – Continuity and Transformation

Across the street from Paul Revere House, 1798 North Square View is a sculptural relief of a panoramic view from North Square in the year 1798. The relief dramatizes the integration of wharves, streets, masts and steeples, and highlights Boston’s topography of two centuries ago when the city was on the eve of rapid development and land reclamation that leveled once prominent hills. On the bottom edge of the sculpture is an index identifying features including Faneuil Hall, the Old State House, Beacon Hill, the USS Constitution, Paul Revere House, Pierce-Hichborn House, West Hill and more.

The sculpture invites viewers to observe the continuities and changes over the past 220 years.

On the back side of the relief, “North Square” in large lettering identifies the Square.

The sculpture was made in consultation with our Advisory Panel, including the staff and Director of Paul Revere House, Nina Zannieri, local author and guide Ben Edwards, historian Charles Bahne, Tactile Design Consultant Lindsay Yazzolino, Freedom Trail Foundation Director Suzanne Taylor, and many others.