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North End Stories of Immigration and Migration

All are invited to contribute stories for the North End Story Vault Map online. We are collecting stories with the community, and we hope North End residents and those with North End connections will want to help create the North End Story Vault. Please use the Story Vault Contribution Form to preserve your story in the Story Vault. Thank you!

A three-dimensional map of the North End will indicate the viewer’s position and North End landmarks. There will be a compass rose on the map to echo a north-pointing ‘N’ in the paving nearby. The map will help visitors get their bearings with embossed street names, highlights and symbols. Visitors touching the surface will create a rich sheen. The map is a scaled-down story of a big view and a big history; a place where many story lines intersect and ‘big’ and ‘small’ stories overlap.
The sculpture will be created from a digital model. The digital map will then be available online as an interactive North End Story Vault. This online archive will tell the stories of the area’s many inhabitants who have come and gone over time, often in waves of urban transformation. The Story Vault will become a place where memories are presented and preserved in the face of rapid change.

We hope to partner with an interested party who will oversee the implementation of the Story Vault Map online, who will maintain it and expand it into the future where it can grow into a valuable historical document of the many North End stories of immigration, migration and family heritage that are in peril of disappearing.