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North End Stories of Immigration and Migration

All are invited to contribute stories for the online North End Story Vault. In the near future, you will be able to access the North End Story Vault on your mobile device by aiming your camera at the North End Story Map sculpture in North Square. We are collecting stories with the community, and we hope North End residents and those with North End connections will help to create the North End Story Vault.

Please use the Story Vault Contribution Form to preserve your story in the Story Vault. Thank you!

A three-dimensional map of the North End indicates “you are here” and North End landmarks. The map is a scaled-down story of a big view and a big history; a place where many story lines intersect and ‘big’ and ‘small’ stories overlap.

The map helps visitors get their bearings with embossed street names, highlights and symbols. There is a compass arrow on the map to echo a north-pointing ‘N’ in the paving nearby. The map includes a key with braille transcription.  And there is a secret treasure hunt in the streets and alleyways!

The sculpture was made in consultation with community members, Lindsay Yazzolino, and our Advisory Panel, especially Victor Brogna, Thomas DaMigella, Richard and Bennett Molinari, David Kubiak, and many others.