A+J Art+Design

Solid Illusion is an orthographic drawing of a dodecahedron. The illusion of depth manifests when the viewing angle is perpendicular to the plane of the object. Move to one side and the spell is broken; the object becomes an almost unintelligible assembly of lines.

The regular or pentagonal dodecahedron is one of five Platonic solids: it has 30 edges of equal length, 12 pentagonal faces, and 20 vertices. A+J's nearly two-dimensional drawing has six edge crossings, and 180-degree radial symmetry around the optimum viewing axis. The implied three-axis rotation in this drawing is the key to the illusion of depth.

The 18th annual exhibition of Studios Without Walls presents "Everything You Can Imagine Is Real," a temporary environmental installation featuring the works of 13 sculptors. Organized around the theme of imagination and reality, we stimulate a dialogue and celebrate the coming of spring with the integration of sculpture into the natural environment. Artwork may be interactive through light, sound or movement. A printed Art Treasure Hunt to engage children, teachers and viewers is available along with maps of the exhibition.

Hosted and welcomed by the Brookline Division of Parks and Open Spaces at the Olmsted-designed Riverway Park, which is part of the Emerald Necklace on the banks of the Muddy River.

Size and Materials:
8 feet diameter.
Wood, nuts and bolts, twine, Day–Glo paint.

Supported by:
Studios Without Walls
Brookline Parks Department